"Childbirth is the most vulnerable time in any woman’s life. Which is why I feel so passionately about empowering each and every woman with the knowledge and skills that will enable her to have a Calm, Comfortable and Confident birth."


Course Details

Course DetailsThe HypnoBirthing™ course consists of FIVE 2.5 hour classes, generally held over five consecutive weeks.

Courses are run as either small groups or as private one-on-one sessions in your home or at Blissful HQ in Tenbury Wells, whichever is most convenient.

You can attend a HypnoBirthing™ course at anytime during your pregnancy. Around the 20 week mark is considered the perfect time to begin your HypnoBirthing course, and ideally before week 30, to ensure you have plenty of time to practise and perfect the techniques. Because my daughter unexpectedly arrived at week 36 I think it beneficial to be practised and ready by week 36, where possible!

However, if you come to HypnoBirthing™ later in your pregnancy, don’t worry, it is NEVER too late! I had only two weeks from the end of my HypnoBirthing course before my daughter was born and the techniques worked perfectly for me. I also know of mums who hadn’t finished the course, yet were still able to have a calm and comfortable birth.

If you are 35 weeks or over, or your personal circumstances mean we would be unable to run the course over five weeks, we can look at running it over a shorter timeframe privately, to ensure that you have plenty of time once the course is complete for practise.

Your birthing companion plays a vital role in a HypnoBirthing™, so ideally they would also attend the classes with you. If this is not possible it is fine for mum to attend the classes on her own, or with a friend, and if we can, we'll arrange a separate, free of charge, private session with your birthing companion to go over everything pertinent to them.

Included in the course price is :

-12.5 hours of practical tuition with an experienced HypnoBirthing teacher, having taught over 90 couples.
- your official HypnoBirthing Course handbook - Marie Mongan's internationally renowned "HypnoBirthing™ : The breakthrough approach to safer, easier, comfortable birthing”,
- your exclusive HypnoBirthing Relaxation/Guided Visualisation CD, to help condition your body to reach the deep relaxation that we're wanting for your birth - The more time your body spends in deep relaxation before your birthing, the quicker and easier it will find it to get back there on the day...abit like muscle memory,

 - one to one telephone & email support throughout your pregnancy and beyond - don't worry about asking those silly little questions, I'll be here to give you information and answers on any and all questions,
- additional face to face sessions, in person or over Skype, if baby has not arrived by week 41, and induction is being discussed, or if baby is malpositioned and needs to turn,

- an invitation to join The Blissful Bubble, a secret facebook group open only to Blissful Births couples, which has become a supportive community of like-minded parents and parents-to-be..a great social network.

- comprehensive course handouts on all techniques learnt and important information,

- your own course folder to keep all handouts and information in.

Up-Coming 2017 Group Course Dates:

Group HypnoBirthing Courses are run regularly in both WORCESTER and TENBURY WELLS and intermittently in HEREFORD and LUDLOW.

Our WORCESTER courses are held in the exquisitely peaceful & beautiful setting of The Natural Therapy Centre at The Fold, Bransford, Worcester, WR6 5JB, easily accessible at just a 10-minute drive from Junction 6 of the M5!

Our TENBURY WELLS classes are held in the picturesque and tranquil surroundings of Blissful HQ, a sixteenth century cottage in the village of Boraston, just outside Tenbury Wells, WR15 8LZ.

Both venues are perfect for inspiring relaxation & calm and are ideal settings for preparing for your birth.

Our group classes are held from 7pm-9.30pm.

Get in touch to find out our next HEREFORD and LUDLOW course dates, otherwise here are our up-coming WORCESTER and TENBURY WELLS courses ...

WORCESTER Courses - The Natural Therapy Centre at The Fold, Bransford, Worcester, WR6 5JB

Sept 7 / 14 / 21 / 28 / Oct 5 - FULL

Nov 2 / 9 / 16 / 23 / 30 - only THREE places left!!

A HypnoMothering class will be held at the end of each course, on Oct 12 and Dec 7, as an optional extra, to teach techniques to help you to be a calm & confident new mum. 

TENBURY WELLS Courses - Blissful HQ, Boraston, Tenbury Wells, WR15 8LZ


Sep 6 / 13 / 20 / 27 / Oct 4 - FULL

Nov 1 / 8 / 15 / 22 / 29 - only FOUR places left!!

A HypnoMothering class will be held at the end of each course, on Oct 5 and Dec 6, as an optional extra, to teach techniques to help you to be a calm & confident new mum.