"Childbirth is the most vulnerable time in any woman’s life, which is why I feel so passionately about empowering each and every woman with the knowledge and skills that will enable her to have the calm, comfortable and blissful birth that nature intends for her."


Benefits of HypnoBirthing™

Aswell as enabling you to have a calm and comfortable birth, there are numerous additional benefits to HypnoBirthing™…

1. It greatly reduces the length of labour. The British Medical Journal has reported on a study that found the average labour length of 70 first and second time mums using hypnosis was 6 h 21 mins. Contrasting with 9 h 28mins for mums just using relaxation techniques and 9 h 45 mins for the control group. A noteworthy reduction!

2. It leads to significantly fewer surgical interventions and reduced need for medication.

3. It reduces the need for an episiotomy by teaching a simple massage technique.

4. It equips you with simple, natural techniques to encourage the onset of labour, if you go over your estimated ‘due date’

5. It helps you to be confident and informed when dealing with the medical staff - when to question, what to ask and when it's time to let them take charge.

6. Mums remain highly energised and in good spirits following a calm and gentle birth, which allows for quicker bonding with the baby.

7. Babies born using HypnoBirthing™ tend to be calmer, feed better, sleep better and experience less trauma, because they have been gently and calmly breathed into the world at their own pace. This in turn leads to higher AGPAR scores (a measure of how well a baby is doing immediately after birth and after an additional five minutes).

8. It gives fathers a central role in the birthing process, as he will become your spokesperson and have all questions and queries from the medical staff fielded through him, allowing you to just focus on your body and your baby.

9. He is also key in helping you to remain calm and focussed as he reads through prepared scripts and leads you on guided imagery.

10. Having such an active role in the birthing increases the father’s ability to bond early with the baby and deepens your family unit.

So, as you can see, the benefits to using HypnoBirthing™ are substantial and numerous.