What is HypnoBirthing™?


HypnoBirthing™ is a complete birth education programme that teaches specific self-hypnosis, breathing, relaxation and massage techniques, that when practised and applied during labour, will enable you to birth your baby in a calm, safe, comfortable and gentle way.

These tried and tested techniques are based on the proven principle that a relaxed body births a baby easily and comfortably, it’s only when we bring fear or worry into the equation that tension is created in the body and it’s this tension that causes pain. If we take away the fear, we take away the tension, which takes away the pain.


HypnoBirthing™ will remove any fear or concerns you may have surrounding your birth, including any trauma you may be holding onto from a previous birth experience, and will teach you all the skills and techniques necessary to remain relaxed and calm throughout your birthing….allowing you to enjoy it!

It’s a very simple, straightforward programme that was conceived over 20 years ago by hypnotherapist and mother of four, Marie Mongan, to remind mothers of the simplicity of birth itself and to teach them how to harness their birthing instincts and birth as nature intended…pain and drug free.

It is now an internationally renowned birthing programme and it’s teaching’s have been fully embraced in 45 countries of the world….and counting!

It is constantly being thoughtfully improved and tweaked allowing it to remain the best and most successful birthing method out there today.

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