Course Prices & Booking Information

The HypnoBirthing™ Course is taught Live Online via Zoom in either scheduled monthly groups or privately at a time that suits you.

Because this year has been such as awful year for the vast majority of us and I have felt so impotent to help, we have decided that, until further notice, we will reduce our prices for EVERYONE and offer up a further discount for ALL NHS workers as a thank-you.

A place on a group HypnoBirthing Course is £249 or £199 for NHS Staff (reduced from £299)

A private HypnoBirthing Course for one couple is £375 or £325 for NHS Staff (reduced from £425)

A private HypnoBirthing Course for two or more couples is £275 each or £225 for NHS Staff (reduced from £325)

A Refresher Session (when the HypnoBirthing Course has been completed for an earlier birth) is £75 or £50 for NHS Staff (reduced from £95)

A place in a HypnoMothering Class is £45 or £35 for NHS Staff (reduced from £65) - which includes NINE Exclusive Relaxation/Guided Meditation Tracks for you to use at home - two of which are specific to sleep and worth their weight in gold!

Because I understand that finances get stretched when a little one is on the way, I am flexible when it comes to payment…happy to be paid in multple installments and over an extended length of time.

Also, because I would like everyone to be able to benefit from HypnoBirthing™, I offer a discounted rate for anyone who has genuine financial constraints. If you feel this applies to you, please get in touch and we’ll discuss how we can work around it.

Included in the course price is :

-12 hours of practical tuition with an experienced HypnoBirthing™ teacher, having taught well over 100 couples.

- your official HypnoBirthing™ Course handbook - Marie Mongan's internationally renowned "HypnoBirthing™ : The breakthrough approach to safer, easier, comfortable birthing”,

- your own exclusive HypnoBirthing™ Workbook - brand new for 2020, this is a beautifully illustrated workbook compiling all the course hand-outs and useful information, collated into a beautiful book,

- your exclusive HypnoBirthing™ Rainbow Relaxation Guided Meditation CD/download, to help condition your body to reach the deep relaxation that you're wanting for your birth - The more time your body spends in deep relaxation before your birthing, the quicker and easier it will find it to get back there on the day...abit like muscle memory,

- one to one telephone & email support throughout your pregnancy and beyond - don't worry about asking those silly little questions, I'll be here to give you information and answers on any and all questions,

- additional sessions over Zoom, if baby has not arrived by week 41, and induction is being discussed, or if baby is malpositioned and needs to turn,

- an invitation to join The Blissful Bubble, a secret facebook group open only to Blissful Births couples, which has become a supportive community of like-minded parents and parents-to-be..a great social network.

To book your place on a course a £50 deposit is required at the time of booking, with the remainder payable before the course begins.

I will post out your Course Handbook, Workbook and Rainbow Relaxation cd or download card as soon as your deposit has cleared.

Places are limited on the group courses, so please book your place early to avoid disappointment.

Due to limited space on each group course a place is not automatically transferable with less than 7 days notice.

Up-Coming 2021 Group HypnoMothering™ Class Dates:

HypnoMothering™ is a one-off, fun & practical 2.5 hour class for Mums and Mums-To-Be, teaching techniques to help overcome the most common Motherhood hurdles and create Calm, Confident and Happy Mums.

It is held as TWO separate classes - one for Mums-To-Be & New Mums (of under 1's) and the other for ALL other Mums.

For Pregnant & New Mums HypnoMothering™ helps smooth the transition into Motherhood by offering a toolkit of real tangible strategies and simple self-hypnosis techniques to help ease you into your new role as Mum and make that first year an easier, smoother ride.

For Mums of older children HypnoMothering™ offers the same toolkit of strategies and techniques, but extended and modified for the special challenges that mothers of older children face. It also empowers women to enjoy their own unique mothering journey and be the mum they always planned to be.

I am so confident that HypnoMothering™ will help EVERYONE that I offer a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!!

The HypnoMothering™ Class is open to ALL MUMS, not just HypnoBirthing™ Mums, as the techniques taught are very simple & easy to use.

All HypnoMothering™ Classes are held Live Online via Zoom, with one morning and one evening class for each set held monthly.

Pregnant & New Mums (of under 1s) - every SECOND TUESDAY in the month at 10am & 7pm -

Jan 12 / Feb 9 / Mar 9 / Apr 13 / May 11 / Jun 8 / Jul 13 / Aug 10 / Sept 14 / Oct 12 / Nov 9 / Dec 14

All other Mums - every FOURTH TUESDAY in the month at 10am & 7pm -

Jan 26 / Feb 23 / Mar 23 / Apr 27 / May 25 / Jun 22 / Jul 27 / Aug 24 / Sept 28 / Oct 26 / Nov 23 / Dec tba

If you’ve any questions or queries feel free to drop me a line at:
or give me a bell anytime to chat on: 07941 140233 / 01584 781746