"Childbirth is the most vulnerable time in any woman’s life, which is why I feel so passionately about empowering each and every woman with the knowledge and skills that will enable her to have the calm, comfortable and blissful birth that nature intends for her."



Baby Wilf" My son Wilf is now 2 weeks old and I'm just coming back down to Earth! After a difficult time with my first birth, the fantastic HypnoBirthing™ course you gave me & hubby helped us both have a far more relaxed pregnancy & approach to Wilf's birth.

He decided he was coming 2 weeks early, which slightly took us by surprise, but we remained relaxed & excited, without fear. The techniques undoubtedly enabled me to stay in control and cope really well with the surges, and the thinning & opening phase progressed really smoothly & quite rapidly.

I made it to the pool for a hospital waterbirth and despite Wilf being in the OP position (back to back ), which did make the birthing phase longer & harder I think than if he'd been sunny side down, I had no pain relief at all & the midwives were mighty impressed. Infact, pain relief didn't even enter my mind!

And my recovery has been fantastic - to the point I've had to keep looking at my very chilled little HypnoBirthing™ baby to double-check I have actually had him & it wasn't just a dream with me still having 2 weeks to go!

Thank you Rachel for helping us to have happy memories to keep forever of Wilf's arrival & a stunning, happy, relaxed little man.

Lindsey & Nick with baby Wilf

Sarah and children'My HypnoBirthing™ experience for both my babies was wonderful and definitely helped me to cope with the births. For both my children I was induced with the syntocinon drip and both births lasted 6hrs. I wouldn't say they were completely pain-free, but it certainly made them much more manageable, with only a touch of gas and air right at the end.

I felt relaxed, confident and in control. I let my body take over the births and at some stages I was so relaxed that I was able to doze off during contractions!

With my first child I made the mistake of following the midwife's instructions and pushed when she told me to. This led to me having an episiotomy and almost needing a ventouse. With my second child I was more in control of the labour and when I was ready to 'push' I breathed down with each surge, instead of pushing, and Daniel was born with 4 surges at 10lbs 8oz!

The midwife throughout the labour kept asking if I needed pain relief and if I was even feeling the contractions! At the end she was so impressed that she told me that I was a very strong woman!!

Thank-you Rachel for teaching me the techniques and for giving us the refresher sessions for having Daniel!'

Sara & Simon with babies Katie & Daniel

Kate and Chloe"Thanks so much for all your help getting me prepared for the birth. The HypnoBirthing™ preparation was hugely helpful, in that I was able to relax and feel calm between surges. Although I wasn’t able to maintain visualisations during contractions, as they felt so intense, I was able to just focus on my breathing, which was fine. I only gave one active push right at the end and both midwives seemed very happy with the whole process & said it had been very controlled.

The biggest difference from last time was that I had much more awareness and could feel the baby moving down as soon as she started to be born, which was an amazing experience & something I won't forget! I didnt have any pain relief and no tears! Chloe was 8lb 1oz and has put on 2lbs in 4 weeks.

She has been quite a calm baby which I contribute in part to the birth, so a massive massive thank you Rachel!"

Kate with baby Chloe